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Deep Neville (regular)
  • Deep Neville (regular)

Deep Neville (regular)

· Genotype: Neville’s Haze x Deep Chunk
· 60% Sativa 40% Indica
· Type: THC Regular
· THC: very high - CBD: low

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· Indoor vegetative period: 1-1,5 weeks
· Indoor flowering period: 8-11 weeks
· Indoor yield/m²: 450-550 gr

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· Outdoor height: 2-3 metros
· Outdoor harvest:
    Northern hemisphere: early october - early november
    Southern hemisphere: early april - early may
· Outdoor yield/plant: 450 gr

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· Packs 50 and 100 seeds

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Seeds: 10 units

Because of the professionalization of the sector, we decided to go back to the roots and launch a regular strain. We decided to cross the famous Neville’s Haze from the 90’ and a Deep Chunk father from the private selection of an experienced breeder, whom we thank, for his will to share. Out of this merger our Deep Neville Regular is born, a plant with intense green foliage and purple traces typical of the father’s side. When separating the males from the female it is important to be careful because some of the males might flower at the same time as the females. Usually, the male flowers will start to show in the shape of little balls in the nodes a few days before the females start showing their sex. The buds are not extremely big but they are very compact, full of resin and show dark and purple touches. The Flavor is hard to describe because the metallic lemon flavor of the Neville’s Haze get intensified by the father’s earthier tones.

None the less the intensified lemon flavor and high psychoactive power will be a treat for those looking for a high THC level strain. The effect is immediate and highly energetic, not recommended for amateur smokers or those suffering from anxiety. It’s a great plant to make cannabic olive oil, because it will help in reducing nausea and other chemotherapy side effects as well as help to build appetite.


2016 - 3º Extracción (Shatter) - Herbes del Dimoni (The balearic cup) - Baleares

2015 - 1º Best Sativa - Oil Hunters Cup - Madrid

2015 - 1º Extracción Solventes - Spannabis Málaga - Málaga

2015 - 1º Extracción Solventes - Asociación Cannábica M.C. 3º cata invernal - Miranda de Ebro