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· Genotype: Zkittlez x Zkittlez
· 70% Indica 30% Sativa
· Type: THC Feminized
· THC: high - CBD: low

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· Indoor vegetative period: 5 weeks
· Indoor flowering period: 9 weeks
· Indoor yield/m²: 450 gr

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· Outdoor height: 1,5-1,7 meters
· Outdoor harvest:
    Northern hemisphere: late october
    Southern hemisphere: late april
· Outdoor yield/plant: 500 gr

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Zkittlez is a strain that became very famous in the USA after winning the Emerald Cup 2016 as well as the Cannabis Cup in Michigan and San Francisco. It is a robust and bushy plant. Its structure is indica, with great vigour in its growth. It makes a large central bud, as well as several side branches that also give large buds full of very scented resin. On an organoleptic level it is one of the best valued strains on the market because it has one of the most complex and special flavours so far. It evokes a tropical fruit cocktail where a large number of terpenes are combined to give rise to a very sweet and intense flavour that leaves no one indifferent. It is an ideal plant for extractions of all kinds, due to its large amount of terpenes that give very intense flavor and aroma. It has a rather active initial effect that leads to a state of relaxation both mentally and physically. It is also ideal for outdoor grows where its buds can take on even more complex aromatic nuances.