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Pink Sherbert
  • Pink Sherbert
  • Pink Sherbert

Pink Sherbert

· Genotype: Pink Guava x OZ Kush aka Rainbow Sherbert
· 70% Indica 30% Sativa
· Type: THC Feminized
· THC: 31% - CBD: very low

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· Indoor vegetative period: 3-4 weeks
· Indoor flowering period: 9 weeks
· Indoor yield/m²: 500 gr

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· Outdoor height: 2 meters
· Outdoor harvest:
    Northern hemisphere: early october
    Southern hemisphere: early april
· Outdoor yield/plant: + 600 gr

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Pink Sherbert

The result of combining the exquisite Pink Guava with the renowned Oz Kush, also known as Rainbow Kush, is this fusion that gives life to a plant that offers a unique experience in terms of taste, aroma and effect.

The Pink Sherbert is a robust, compact cannabis plant, ideal for growers of all levels. Its structure is strong and robust, with a lot of vigor. It produces dense buds that, when mature, display an attractive color palette. The Pink Sherbert shows a notable resistance to pests and diseases, highlighting its reliability and promising abundant harvests for those who cultivate it.

As far as flavour characteristics are concerned Pink Sherbert don't let me down. The influence of the Pink Guava brings sweet and fruity notes, with shades of ripe berries and citrus that add a refreshing touch to each catch. On the other hand, Oz Kush adds an earthy and spicy touch, creating a fusion of complex and delicious flavors.

The aroma of the Pink Sherbert is equally captivating. An intoxicating fragrance of tropical fruit and fresh earth emanates from the buds, filling the surrounding space with their distinctive presence.

In terms of effect, the Pink Sherbert offers the best of both worlds. The Pink Guava provides an elevated and energetic brain sensation, while the Oz Kush contributes to deep body relaxation. This balanced combination creates an effect that's perfect for any time of day, whether it's stimulating creativity or relaxing at the end of the day. A variety that will leave no one indifferent.